The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, by Linda Gottwald


Founded in 1948, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has focused on America’s “unmet health care needs” since its inception. Possessing an operating budget of around $40 million each year, this group supports health policy analysis and journalistic endeavors so that people remained informed about the health care problems affecting the country and the rest of the world.

Based in Menlo Park, California, and Washington, DC, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation benefits many through its mission. Due to its endowment, it performs policy analysis and research without the need of outside funding, thus allowing it to retain its independence. The media and others in the health care industry turn to it for unbiased news and information. Additionally, it creates public service advertising campaigns that educate the public about relevant issues such as HIV/AIDS, women’s health, and Medicare and Medicaid.

About the Author:

The holder of a Doctorate of Nursing and Master’s degrees in Special Education and Journalism, Linda Gottwald has served in various roles throughout her career. In recognition of her achievements, the Kaiser Family Foundation named her as a Kaiser Fellow and provided Gottwald with an Urban Health Reporting Internship with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.


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