The David Lawrence Community Service Award, by Linda Gottwald


The David Lawrence Community Service Award celebrates an individual or group who has worked to improved the health of a community or communities within Kaiser Permanente regions. Awarded annually by Kaiser Permanente, the award takes its name from former CEO David Lawrence, who dedicated much of his life to developing community health initiatives.

Kaiser Permanente collects individual and group nominations throughout the year, and the healthcare provider avidly requests that physicians and employees of any of the Permanente Medical Groups contribute nominations. Nominees must be employees of Kaiser Permanente, whether full-time or part-time, and self-nominations are accepted.

Individual nominees should exhibit exemplary efforts and a commitment to health and social issues, such as culturally competent care and care for underserved populations. For groups, the nominees must demonstrate voluntary, collaborative, or replicable efforts to improve community health, such as a dedication to finding the causes for disease and poor health in the community, ensuring care addresses the makeup of the community, ensuring that the most vulnerable in the community have access to healthcare services.

Kaiser Permanente accepts nominations through its website at

About Linda Gottwald: Named a Kaiser Fellow, Dr. Linda Gottwald received an Urban Health Reporting Internship from the Kaiser Family Foundation in 1995.


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